MyFeel+ Wellbeing Tracker

For healthcare professionals and carers of men with prostate cancer

Designed to help you support men who are receiving hormonal therapy for prostate cancer and who are following the Feel+® Programme.

The aim of the MyFeel+ Wellness tracker is to encourage men to increase their level of physical activity, eat well and generally improve their overall health and wellbeing while on treatment.

Registering as a healthcare professional or carer will enable you to see the information that someone using the tracker has opted to share with you. You can also invite other patients who are participating in the Feel+® Programme to connect so you can monitor their progress and empower them to take control of their life with prostate cancer.

Features and benefits

  • Enables you to see the exercises that the patient has undertaken and provides a diary of their physical activity.
  • Shows you the most common food types that the patient is eating.
  • Helps the patient to regularly assess and track their general health and any symptoms they may be experiencing, and for you to see that activity in real time.
  • Provides a proactive way for men to keep a record of their results and share information with you about their progress.